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107 - 108, Anand Plaza, University Road,
Udaipur-313001 Rajasthan, INDIA
+91-294- 2429793-94
Iron Ore Bauxite Red Oxide Powder Yellow Oxide Powder Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) Deep Brown (Umber)
Phosphate India Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1996 Udaipur Rajasthan to manufacture mineral based Di-Calcium Phosphate This is the largest producing manufacturing unit for mineral based DCP in India. We are one of the trusted manufacturer and exporter. The group further developed adding its business(through 9M corporation) into minerals like Iron Ore, Red Ochre, Laterite, Dolomite, Silica Sand, Manganese, Fluorspar, China Clay, Bauxite, Gypsum, Pyrophyllite, Natural Red oxide powder, Natural Yellow Ocher, Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO), Soapstone etc. We are into processing of natural oxides, decorative and industrial paints. Our offerings are influenced by industry demands and recent trends.
9M Corporation
9M Corporation is a well-established organization in the field of Iron Ore and Red Ochre Mining. We have 5 mines situated at different location in Rajasthan (Udaipur, Bhilwara, Ajmer, Sikar & Jhunjhunu Districts). The Total Area covered by our Udaipur District Mines is 200 hectares, Sikar Mines 54 hectares and Ajmer Mines 75 hectares. We are doing marketing, crushing, sizing under one brand i.e. 9M Corporation.
The Group mines high-quality mineral reserves and benefits from specific industrial processes, high-performance sales forces and logistical systems to meet and anticipate its customers’ needs through its innovative R & D and Marketing teams. We are constantly broadens the range of minerals that it transforms
9M Corporation 9M Corporation 9M Corporation
We are multi product company with a glorious track record. The highly innovative array of products & their grades are as follows:
Iron Ore : Fe 58% - 62% Dolomite : 98% purity Silica less than 1% Silica Sand : 98% Purity
Natural Red Ochre : Fe 35% Gypsum : CaSO4 45% - 50% Pyrophyllite : Al2Si4O10(OH)2
Natural Red Oxide Powder : Fe2O3 80+% Laterite : Fe 50% - 55% Flourspar : CaF2 30% - 50%
Natural Yellow Ocher : Fe2O3 55+% Bauxite : Al2O3 45% - 55% Deep Brown (Umber) :
Micaceous Iron Oxide Powder : Fe2O3 90+% China Clay : Al2O3 35% Burnt Umber
9M Corporation 9M Corporation 9M Corporation Our Mines
We are proud to give a brief enlightenment about our preferred minerals NON –TOXIC , NATURAL , Eco-Freindly, Anti-Rust, Anti-Fouling , Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) , Iron Oxide Powder in different shades from our own mines:
Natural Red Oxide Powder Natural Yellow Iron Oxide Powder Natural Deep Brown (UMBER ) Powder Micaceous Powder (MIO)
Natural Red
Oxide Powder
Natural Yellow Iron
Oxide Powder
Natural Deep Brown
(UMBER ) Powder
Powder (MIO)
Our commitment to the future means continued improvement in safety, health and environmental performance. Our suggestions will definitely help you get consistent, steady quality and quantity in every supply. We can really build up a healthy long-term relationship and commit our services for mutual benefits.
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