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India, in early 90's was a sleeping giant. The progress was slow and uneven. Many sectors were underdeveloped and western countries were role models. Promoters of our group had a vision: to make the country self-sufficient in quality feed. As a result, in 1996 Phosphate India Pvt Ltd was established in Udaipur Rajasthan to manufacture mineral based Di-Calcium Phosphate. The reason to setup the plant at Udaipur was logical as Udaipur is the only place in India to provide with best quality raw material i.e. Rock Phosphate, Hydrated Lime and sulphuric Acid, all at one place.
At the same time, in Hyderabad our group companies Tirumala Agritech and Rohini Hatcheries were started. The aim was simple- To provide world class poultry solution through technology and infrastructure from feed to dressed Chicken in most economical and scientific method.
Starting with 5 MT/ per day plant, we are happy to state that we have enhanced our production capacity to 18000 MT/ year plant. This is the largest producing manufacturing unit for mineral based DCP in India. This is done with latest, state-of-the art technology.
Today, our group is highly diversified with chemical, poultry, education, power and steel sector.
Phosphate INDIA
In view of supplying the best material to our customers, we are importing MCP (Mono Calcuim Phosphate) from Germany. This material with 22% Phosphorus is amongst the best in the world. Since this material is granular in from, the Wastage is minimised.
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