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DCP Granular & Powder
    DCP Granular & Powder
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    TCP Powder
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We offer a wide range of industrial chemicals, which find applications in different industries. Our range of industrial chemicals is packed properly prior to final delivery. Our range of phosphate is available in different compositions to meet the requirement of diverse industries. These phosphates are safe in use and can be customized in terms of composition as per the requirement of our customers. Furthermore, our range of phosphate is offered at competitive prices. We are well known as industrial chemicals suppliers.
With the help of our well equipped manufacturing unit, we are producing a wide range of dicalcium phosphate. These are available in different compositions and used in diverse industries. DCP is a diabasic calcium phosphate prepared from phosphate rocks. this compund is widely used in food industry as modifier, buffer, nutritional supplement, emulsifier and stabilizers. It is also used as an inert ingredient to fill and bind tablets.
   SPECIFICATIONS    For Poultry    For Cattle
   Phosphorus    17.06 %    18.1%
   Calcium    23.03%    24.5%
   Heavy metals (as Pb),    25PPM    20PPM
   Moisture,    3.5 %    5%
   Arsenic    10 PPM    10PPM
   Iron    0.05 %    0.05 %
   Lead    10 PPM    10PPM
   Fluoride    1500PPM    1100PPM
   Acid Insoluble    1.2%    1.1%
Our Mono Calcium Phosphate commonly found as the monohydrate, Ca (H2PO4)2 H2O melts at 109°C and releases a water molecule before melting. These chemical compounds also called Calcium dihydrogen phosphate Ca(H2PO4)2 decomposes at 203°C and are widely used in pharmaceutical, textile, food & beverages and agriculture industries.
Technical Grade
   Ca-Phosphate content    90.00%
   Calcium ( Min)    35.00%
   Acid Insolubles    0.3% Max.
   Water solubles    0.5% Max.
   Sulphate    0.5%
   Heavy metals    30PPM Max.
   Arsenic    5PPM Max.
   Iron    200 PPM
   Cholride    0.24%
   Carbonate    Absent
   Loss on Ignition    8.0% Max.
   Moisture    2.5% Max.
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