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Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer refers to those organic amendments applied to soils, other than direct deposition of excreta by grazing animals, and includes animal manure, sewage sludge and compost, along with rendering waste, guano, brewery waste, digestate and other bio-wastes.


We can proudly say that PROM was created and developed in our city UDAIPUR in Rajasthan which also has the best Phosphate mines of the country. The advantage of PROM is that the dissolution of Phosphorus in the ground is slow, and the results are good for two consecutive crops. It also contains organic matter that helps in many ways like retention of moisture, microbial activity. In saline soil, even the DAP fertilizer fails but PROM is very effective as it contains organic carbon element and also humic acid having electrical conductivity. PROM is an ideal soil conditioner, retains moisture, improves porosity of soil, promotes root growth and increases the absorption rate of nutrients in soil.



Potash increases the immunity towards disease and insects. It also increases the nitrogen fixing ability of roots which helps in usage of chemical fertilisers in control. It is an excellent soil conditioner which makes the seeds healthy.  


This natural mineral is very less used
as now scientists are understanding its importance. This mineral increases the
hardness and strength of the plants and also improves their immunity towards
fungus and waterborne disease. It is a hygroscopic mineral so it keeps the soil
moist in times of drought. 
It is a natural insecticide because of its structure. Its usage also enhances the leaves formation as it helps in moisture retention and also gives strength to roots.

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About us In 1996 Phosphate India Pvt Ltd was established in Udaipur Rajasthan to manufacture mineral-based Di-Calcium Phosphate.




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